Research suggests micro stressors have more of an impact on our health and behaviour than major life events. So how do we identify and take action against our micro stressors?

There’s been a lot of activity around Stress Awareness Month this year. And rightly so. Reeling in the aftermath of…

We all know how extremely frustrating it is when we forget something. But did you know of these two techniques that can aid memory?


Spatial memory is often regarded as being more effective than other types of memory. The Memory Palace technique uses two concepts to aid memory…

You’re not alone. Let’s take a look at the 4 Typical ‘Imposters’ in Imposter Syndrome.

It’s widely acknowledged that Imposter Syndrome disproportionately affects women. And as someone who experiences this on a daily basis, let me tell you…. it’s exhausting.

The feeling of being ‘found out’ as not being good…

Kate Hammond

A Health, Wellness and Mindset Coach for professional women across Aus & NZ, with a slightly worrying obsession with peanut butter and SBS World Movies.

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